- Your Instructor: Paulo Pereira, Ph.D.

- In 10 lessons, you will learn the theory, tools, and applications of selection, verification, and validation of qualitative tests

- Material: Video presentations (1920×1080)

- Lesson handouts

- Self-assessment quizzes

- Spreadsheets

- Terminology and vocabulary

- References

- List of abbreviations and acronyms, and

- Final exam



- This is a comprehensive exam covering all 10 lessons and comprises 40 multiple-choice questions

- The student will have three attempts to have a minimum score of 70 values

- Trial questions are chosen at random

- The test must be completed within 2 hours


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Course Lesson

1. Introduction to qualitative tests quality control

  • In this lesson, we introduce evidence-based medicine into laboratory logic.
  • Briefly discusses the importance of regulating in vitro diagnostic (IVD) medical devices for confidence in laboratory results.

2. Principles and guidelines

  • In this lesson, you will learn the principles behind QC.
  • We will review some of the major milestones in laboratory quality control over time.
  • Briefly discusses the importance of the dynamics of quality cycles and associated practices.
  • Introduces harmonized vocabularies to the medical laboratory.
  • Finally, discuss some of the most important QC guides.

3. ISO compliance

  • In this lesson, you will learn which ISO 15189 and ISO 9001 requirements are applicable