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  • Paulo Pereira, Ph.D. is the founder of, a privately owned website where medical laboratories can find information about quality control, in vitro diagnostic medical devices (IVD-MD), Blood Banks, and stakeholders.

  • Dr. Pereira is a member of Working Groups at Eurachem, and CLSI, being involved in reviewing and authoring guides, and he is an Expert in the IVD-MD group in the European Medicines Agency (EMA)

  • We offer quality control publications and online training in the Medical Laboratory field on this website.

  • The target audience is mainly Directors, Quality Assurance and Quality Control Managers, Researchers, and Medical Technicians from the Medical Laboratory or the IVD-MD industry.

  • We are always grateful for your comments, which are fundamental to improving our website and services.

Books and Online Trainings

I find the work of Dr. Paulo Pereira notable not only for opening practical perspectives in the quality control of qualitative tests, a matter treated with relative superficiality in many medical laboratories, but for deepening the study of this issue with extreme rigor and adding an innovative contribution to it.

Dr. Mário Pádua, M.D.

Past Medical Laboratory Director, Pulido Valente Hospital, Lisbon, Portugal

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